Wednesday, April 27, 2011

getting into the swing of things

Ok so i haven't been posting a lot but then I also haven't been creating a lot but the next few weeks are going to be chocka full of crafti-ness!!

I am helping a friend with her wedding, first the cake - she saw a topsy turvy cake with a corpse bride theme and fell in love so I am going to attempt to recreate it (silent scream arrrrgggghhhh) but I have confidence that i can do it.

So the cake topper looks like this

taken from this picture of inspiration

and hopefully the cake will look a little like this cake from the
The twist was she didn't want the corpse bride as it wasn't who Victor ends up marrying and not to mention the fact that the happy couple to be wed do look a little like Victor and Victoria.

I still have a lot of prep to do for the cake but on top of that i have four dresses to make in roughly two weeks.... (slightly audible scream arrrrrrggghhh) but I have confidence I can do it.

The first dress is my dress to wear as a bridesmaid, the next two are the little flower girl dresses, and the last is my friends wedding dress - should i mention I have never made any of the above before so keep your fingers crossed for me lol.

keep ya posted,